These are several of the images I have been working on from my recent trip to Montana. My return trip took me home through Utah past an area I used to photograph frequently over 20 years ago. While Utah has changed and grown it was a relief to see there has been minimal impact to most of the wilderness areas I frequented.

I also decided to do a quick self-portrait with my 4×5 view camera. I find I travel with both digital and film as there are different feelings that each process evokes once the final image has been made. The images in this small gallery are digital images I have been working on and I will soon work with the film. I have to admit I am looking forward to getting in the darkroom. I have an affinity for the solitude and tactile sensations associated with working with film and prints.

These images are works in progress and are presented as images I am working with currently. Some may not make the cut so to speak and will end up not being a final image for presentation or sale or even a “John Comito” image. All are is a process of eliminating those images that do not convey the original visualization once the image was recorded. There can be any number of reasons an image does not make it, and it is up to the artist to determine if the effort to continue is worth it. Many times my images are worked on and set aside as they are not evoking the same feeling when out in the field.

Please feel free to make any comments or ask question about the images.