I have posted the photographs from my recent trip to Boulder, Montana. These are a series of images of the Catholic Church outside of town. I was first drawn to the church as I traveled past it on my way to my brother’s house a year ago. While it looked interesting to photograph, I was not moved at the time to make any images as it seemed too pedestrian so to speak, visually uninteresting and uninspiring.

On this last trip things were much different. Montana was having a late spring and so there were clouds most every day. These images were made on the same day and while I used a digital camera for these images, I did break out my view camera for some other images yet to be processed. The clouds really made a difference and I was excited there were clouds in the usually clear skies over the area.

These are by no means the final finished product and it maybe that none of them make the “cut” so to speak. These are working images and will still need more work and spending some time living with them to determine the best printing of each image.

I wanted to share some of what I go through visually as I visit a location and make photographs. The clouds seem a bit over the top on a couple of these images, giving an ominous feel to them. But given the recent attacks on religion it seems appropriate. Still more work to do and visual interpretations to make before arriving at the feeling the images evoked at the time of their exposure and what I hope to communicate.