I was recently traveling through several of the western states to relocate my mother to her new residence. During my travels I planned on making photographs along the way and was not disappointed with the opportunities to photograph.

One location was the ghost town of Comet, Montana, an old closed mining town near Boulder, Montana. My brother has several of the building on his property and Comet is off limits as it is privately owned and not open to the public.

I photographed a couple of the buildings on my brother’s property and in a departure from my usual black and white I made color images. The wallpaper of the buildings had been streaked and weathered by years of exposure to the elements. The muted and at times pastel colors were wonderful to observe and I determined color would be most appropriate in this case as opposed to the usual black and white prints I make.

Stepping out of the familiar and venturing into the mostly new was a challenging and satisfying experience. Here are a few of the images for your enjoyment.