During a very hot and long trip to California I made a stop at Twin Arrows to again document the latest graffiti and the continuing slow disintegration of the old road side diner. I have been drawn to the creative art that many have graced the surfaces of the old buildings and even the concrete walkways. Some is nothing more than quick tags but others are extensive and complex. And while I say document, when I photograph I do look for compelling compositions that I can enhance and share the feelings the new image I create bring up.

Following my trip to california, I made a visit to Deep Ellum after several years away. Much has changed and at the same time it is still the same. I will have to spend more time there as there is so much to explore and take in. The biggest thing I observed was the homeless who are very prevelant in comparison to my previous journy there. This is not a criticizm just an observation.

And while in the area I made a trip into Dallas and will be returning once the heat tapers off to explore some additional areas to photograph.

In the meantime, please enjoy these quick sketches from my stops at these two locations. They may or may not be included as a fine art photo in the future but it is always good to live with, share and comment on recent work with others while visually processing new work