A Quote to Inspire

The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.

~ Author Unknown


John Comito

What is it about the art establishment that requires a certain type of bio, or artist statement written in the third person to deliver my message as a creative artist? Actually I think it’s pretty obvious. – I love photography, particularly black and white photography. I was introduced to photography over 46 years ago and have been committed to producing images that move me. I love the intricacies of nature, the play of light on the subject in front of my camera lens, whether found naturally or composed in my studio. And while the subject in some cases may seem like a literal rendition, they are far from that as they are in black and white , and represent what I visualized the final image to communicate as I tripped the shutter. I have given away more prints as gifts over the years, not because my work is bad or even mediocre (I have some big name photo artists who say it’s pretty...