Meet John D. Comito, Jr.
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Creatively Capturing the World Around Me & Sharing it to You

John D Comito, Jr is a fine art black & white photographer whose work has been collected in private and public collections nationally. John’s current endeavors are documentary in nature, observing what others often overlook and exploring the subject to its natural conclusion. Using natural light, John uncovers the beauty of everyday subjects that are frequently overlooked, delving into the subject revealing an inner beauty that is rarely discerned.

John served as president and vice president of the Photographic Print Society in Utah and has exhibited in numerous juried shows and has exhibited widely in both Utah and Texas, where he has resided as an artist. Artists who have inspired him include Paul Caponigro, Paul Strand, and Edward and Brett Weston. John currently resides in the Dallas area.

I treasure the
special magic of the
photographic moment.

For me, photography – no matter the process – is merely a means to accurately translate my artistic vision onto paper. I treasure the special magic of the photographic moment — whether the photo is recorded on film or digitally — and the integrity of the image produced. I only use the methods or techniques needed to arrive at the image I visualized at the time of exposure. Art is personal both for the artist and the audience and I try to keep my images as true to my personal vision as possible.