Afghanistan Gallery

On 9/11/ 2002 I was deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. My PsyOp team and I were stationed at Camp Harriman in Orgun, near the Pakistan border. In addition to my duties as a team leader I was given a digital camera and tasked with writing articles for the Afghan National newspaper. As US soldiers we were received with open arms, for after 25 years of war and strife the people of Afghanistan looked to the US to help finally attain peace.

But the ill-advised excursion into Iraq took the focus away from Afghanistan and after 18 more years of the US led occupation of Afghanistan, the people are still looking for the peace they had hoped for.

This gallery is a collection of the images I made of the people in and around the town of Orgun. Faces of Afghanistan, a book containing the images and comments of my time with the people of Afghanistan can be purchased here.


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