Comito Photographic Arts

Welcome to John Comito’s Online Gallery and Website


Spanning five decades of passion for the medium of photography, this online gallery and website feature the photographs, writings, and philosophical ramblings of fine art photographer John Comito.

Working mainly in black & white, John’s photographs encompass a diverse array of subject matter including the intimate landscape, urban architecture, still life subjects, floral and botanical studies, graffiti, nudes, and images from his time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whether you are interested in adding one of John’s fine art prints to your photography collection, or are simply searching for a photography book, folio, or calendar – discover a diversity of photographic images and ideas presented throughout this, the online gallery and website of Comito Photographic Arts.

Runes of the Photographic Muse

“Once you admit your personal perception or emotional response the image becomes something more than factual and you are on the doorstep of an enlarged experience. […] The final image you achieve will, to quote Alfred Stieglitz, reveal what you saw and felt. If it were not for this element of the ‘felt’ (the emotional aesthetic experience), the term creative photography would have no meaning.

Ansel Adam, The Print, Book 3