A Quote to Inspire

John Comito

Born in San Jose, California in 1954, John Comito was first introduced to photography by his father. John’s father helped foster his interest with the purchase of a SLR Petri for $35. Once he had a camera, John would then sneak into a high school photography class with a friend and use the darkroom. The next year when he officially enrolled in the class, his instructor said, “So you are going to make it official this year.” John continued his education in photography and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Photography in 1984 at Brigham Young University. To help pay off his school loans, John joined the Utah National Guard and there served as a photographer in the Special Forces for over 16 years. The experience allowed him to continue to expand his love of the art and exposure to new subjects. In 2002, John was sent to Afghanistan and assigned to use his photographic skills in documenting...